Andalus Arabic Choir


Who are we? The Andalus Arabic Choir was established in 2013 and is a non-for-profit multicultural Australian community group formed to promote Arabic heritage, art, music and culture. Members of the Andalus Arabic Choir meet regularly to sing and socialise. They include male and female Sydneysiders of Arabic origin in addition to Australians of other ethnic backgrounds. The songs are all in Arabic; non-Arabic singers are provided transliterated text of the lyrics. Interested in joining our choir? If you like to sing with the Andalus Arabic Choir and enjoy Arabic music and songs, why don’t you join us this term? contact us now هل ترغب بالانضمام الى فرقتنا؟ فرقة الاندلس العربية تواقة الى وجوه عربية تهوى الغناء والموسيقى العربية الرجاء من الراغبين الاشتراك بفرقتنا الاتصال بنا


SYDNEY, New South Wales

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