From Lebanon With Love


A Romantic Arabic Comedy What happens when a Family from Lebanon escapes the war and arrives in a beautiful country like Australia ... Do they embrace their new country? Do they understand the english language? You will laugh and cry as you enjoy their journey from Lebanon to Australia. This show will fill you with laughter, tears, dancing and music. A show that makes the Lebanese community feel proud to be Australian but also proud of their heritage. A show for the whole family will have you calling the doctor due to over dosing on laughter. Watch Rob Shehadie on stage alongside a very talented cast including Anthony Salame and a special Cameo by Tahir. Marie Shehadie also joins the cast playing Robs mum on stage who is Robs mother in real life. Rob Shehadie created the hit comedy FROM LEBANON WITH LOVE which has been one of the most successful and celebrated independent theatre shows Australia has seen in recent years, attracting over 40,000 to watch it in the theatres. The DVD has been seen by countless more and has been sent all around the world by enthusiastic Australians. This is a show that broke records and new grounds, as finally there is a family show that has non-stop laughter underpined with positive messages. A show that does not dwell on politics or religion, and shows the Arabic community in their true light. FROM LEBANON WITH LOVE was welcomed and warmly received by the community who embraced this show as their own.


BANKSTOWN, New South Wales 2200