The enchanting Majida El Roumi 'enthrals' her audience in Algeria

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April 19, 2016 By AllAfrica Global Media

Lebanese star Majida El Roumi "enthralled" on Wednesday (April 13) Ahmed Bey Theatre of Constantine, with a seducing performance, as part of the closing ceremony of "Constantine, capital 2015 of the Arab culture".

In the presence of Culture Minister Azeddine Mihoubi, the Lebanese diva gave magnificent show which left speechless a numerous public, charmed by the angelic voice of one of the legends of the Arab song.

Majida El Roumi sung for the second time in Constantine, the city she calls "majestic."

Starting her show by her famous song "Am Yesaâlouni Ennas" (People are asking me about you), sung by all the public, the Lebanese artist quickly captured the space and the audience with her voice, grace, and talent.

For two hours, Majida El Roumi sung "Kalimate", "Khedni Habibi", "Heyk Nheb", and "Aynaka Layali Sayfiya", creating a wonderful atmosphere.

Receiving outstanding applause, the singer visibly touched and moved answered with grace and elegance.

Majida El Roumi said she keeps "very good souvenirs" of Constantine city she visited in 1997, with its spontaneity, generosity and its finesse.


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