Rob Shehadie & Tahir have created a new show called “STREET SMART”. Starts Sunday 5 Aug on channel10

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July 19, 2018

Network Ten’s hilarious new Australian comedy series, STREET SMART, follows a gang of would-be criminals who despite spectacularly failing each time, approach every heist with blind optimism.

From the co-creators of Here Come The Habibs, Street Smart stars cult comedy star Tahir Bilgic (Pizza, Swift and Shift Couriers) as wannabe criminal mastermind Steve, whose big dreams of girls, riches and respect, are constantly thwarted by his nemesis parking officer Joseph (Rob Shehadie) (Housos) and his dedicated side-kick Tia (Casey Donovan).

Join all the gang – Steve, Hung (Andy Trieu), Shane (Dave Eastgate) and Raj (Neel Kolhatkar) for laugh out loud comedy coming soon to TEN and WIN Network.

Street Smart – Australia’s dumbest crooks. Premieres Sunday 5 August 8pm, only on TEN and WIN Network

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