Ilili New York's No. 1 Lebanese restaurant to receive the international Star Diamond Award

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April 06, 2016

What Lebanese are ,still proves their success and ability to progress and occupy the best posts anywhere in the world. A new Lebanese restaurant in New York called "Ilili" is the first Lebanese restaurant in the world to get the five star Diamond International award from the American Academy of Hospitality and Sciences.

The academy pointed out that this restaurant is the modern Middle East, and it is located in the Flatiron in New York City offering the finest Lebanese dishes, adding that the menu in "Ilili" is a mix between ancient dishes with modern touches of Middle Eastern.

It is noteworthy the academy launched in 1949 in the form of office classifies restaurants, now has a group of specialists who are classified as hotels, resorts, restaurants and yachts, products and chefs, and that the highest award given by the International Academy is a 5-Star Diamond Award, as a recognition to the excellence in the field of hospitality, quality, cleanliness, service, etc., so the winner would be selected from among a group of parties that deserve recognition after inspecting the place and the services it provides by an unknown inspector who will be choosing high-prize winner.

The winner of this award gets gold and silver plaques by Lugo and the signing of the Academy, in addition to a message declaring victory, and the buttons to be placed on the jacket and shirt sleeves inside a jewelry box.

The restaurant "Ilili" earned by the rating the best Lebanese restaurant in New York and also received many tributes by critics, being among the most famous restaurants in New York, says the owner explaining that the name is taken from the Arabic language, which means "Tell me ". 

عن أول مطعم لبناني يحصد جائزة النجمة الماسية.. عن مطعم Ilili والابتكار في المطبخ من نيو يورك !


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