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The Lebanese Marwan Youssef star of "Star Academy 11" (video)


The Lebanese Marwan Youssef becomes the second to win "Star Academy 11" show after Joseph Atieh. After wining the Star title at the prime, Marwan Youssef and all the Academy Students headed to Jbeil City Square ...... Read full article

Rob Shehadie & Tahir have created a new show called “STREET SMART”. Starts Sunday 5 Aug on channel10


Network Ten’s hilarious new Australian comedy series, STREET SMART, follows a gang of would-be criminals who despite spectacularly failing each time, approach every heist with blind optimism.... Read full article

Femme fatale Haifa Wehbe named 10th most beautiful woman in the world


Lebanese superstar Haifa Wehbe has been ranked among the most beautiful women in the world, according to Wonderlist’s annual poll.... Read full article