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Rob Shehadie & Tahir have created a new show called “STREET SMART”. Starts Sunday 5 Aug on channel10


Network Ten’s hilarious new Australian comedy series, STREET SMART, follows a gang of would-be criminals who despite spectacularly failing each time, approach every heist with blind optimism.... Read full article

How a Lebanese singer got a Hollywood gig singing 'White Rabbit' in 'American Hustle'


If you've been checking out some of the higher-profile Oscar nominees, you might have come across an Arabic-language version of "White Rabbit."... Read full article

The enchanting Majida El Roumi 'enthrals' her audience in Algeria

by AllAfrica Global Media on

Lebanese star Majida El Roumi "enthralled" on Wednesday (April 13) Ahmed Bey Theatre of Constantine, with a seducing performance, as part of the closing ceremony of "Constantine, capital 2015 of the Arab culture".... Read full article